Honda CB750 - Amelia Island

Honda CB750 - Amelia Island

There is somehting about the open road that has always appealed to me. I remember when I was young and my dad would come and pick me up for weekend or extended visits, it always involved a road trip heading to some new destination. That sense of adventure and freedom became engrained in me and as I have gotten older and my career has allowed me to travel extesively all over the country, that passion for the open road and that child-like sense of adventure has only deepened.  

That desire for freedom, unshackled from the stale air of a 737, the packed airport hallways, the traffic of major cities, the never ending stream of emails, the meetings...lots and lots of meetings. It's a desire for an oasis, margin; a reprieve. It's not easy to find that, but I think everyone needs to find that place of peace, just to slow down, think, process, reflect and be still. I find that place on the back of a 1981 Honda. It's oasis. 


What's yours? 


Pen and Paper

I have struggled with this for a long time; How do I "write"?

I have used the DayOne app for almost 4 years for journaling and have moved to Evernote to keep most of my work captured digitally. I love the idea of having everything captured digitally in the cloud and always accessible. These are great resources and ones that I plan to continue using, however, what I discovered this morning is that nothing can really take the place of a pen and paper.

I found myself at a coffee shop this morning with so much on my mind I had no idea where to start. Rather than grabbing the iPad to try and type out my thoughts, my Moleskine and a trade show pen seemed to be a better fit. 

I wrote 6 pages of thoughts, prayers, fears and verses. It was freeing and just what I needed.
I have been feeling over the past few months stuck in my relationship with God and in my life. Journaling has become such a huge part of my quiet time that I feel how I am journaling may be the thing I need to change. Because there is often so much in my head, slowing my mind down enough to write out my thoughts and gain perspective is of great help to me. The problem is that I have become stagnate in how I go about it. The iPad is amazing, but it is almost distracting and confining at the same time. I hope that changing things up will have the impact I am looking for, and if this morning is any sign of things to come, I think it will.